Final results

The results and statistics of the 49th Batavierenrace (2021), held online, can be found below. Note that these do not include time penalties for teams that have not reached the minimum required distance. For the final rankings including time penalties, see the document with results or visit the website.

Longest distance

Name Distance (km) Time
Huize Sarijopen 190.76 17:39:01
SSA Amsterdam 178.92 12:42:32
Team Eindhoven 176.12 11:26:00
The speeding Lions 175.53 15:36:46
UT/Saxion Runningteam 175.46 10:42:01

Fastest speed

Name Distance (km) Speed (km/h)
RU/HAN Universiteitsteam 175.38 16.7152
UT/Saxion Runningteam 175.46 16.3977
Team TU Delft 175.07 16.2692
Tartlétos: quaRENtaine 125.33 15.5534
VIB 125.07 15.5152

Longest time

Name Distance (km) Time
SV Dimensie 134.01 19:35:59
VESTING 132.57 18:10:47
Huize Sarijopen 190.76 17:39:01
Hippodérin 020 167.86 16:54:13
BOW 156.92 15:42:22

All teams

Hidden results

To keep things exciting, the times of the most recently submitted results of a team are automatically hidden after the team passes a certain distance. The distance remains visible, but the average speed becomes uncertain as it does not take into account the latest information.

For example, suppose the threshold is 100 km and a team has ran 95 km. If they now submit a result with a length of 10 km, the result's time does not appear yet. However, if the team significantly exceeds the minimum required distance, times of older results will gradually become visible.


Total of 208 teams and 3952 results, for a total of 25587 km and 94.53 days of running with an average speed of 11.28 km/h. Of all submitted results, 8.73% has been rejected.

25587 km